The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

Bug Problem? Clogged Gutters May Be a Breeding Ground

Nothing could go worse when a swarm of bugs descends upon you and your guests at a barbeque or garden event. Additionally, finding more bugs typically indicates many more than you can see. Your head may be hanging in the air if you’re wondering why your yard has suddenly become infested with insects and other pests. Mosquitoes and gnats thrive in clogged gutters, which also serve as excellent hiding places. If it has been a while since your gutters were cleaned and examined, that may cause unexpected backyard visitors’ rise. In this article, we’ll go over why gutter cleaning can lessen the number of garden pests you have to deal with this summer.

Ideal Breeding Ground

Rainwater is collected in gutters, diverting it from your roof. However, if leaves, twigs, and other debris also end up in your gutter, things may back up. When this debris is allowed to accumulate in the gutters, it clogs them, reduces their efficiency, and causes water to collect, producing an ideal environment for bug reproduction.

Mosquito Haven

Mosquitoes deposit their eggs in stagnant water, and for the eggs to properly hatch, the environment must be rich in organic residue, such as leaves and twigs. Gutter obstructions provide the ideal habitat for mosquito larvae to grow and lay their eggs. Normally, mosquitoes can lay up to 200 eggs at once and hatch after 48 hours. If left uncontrolled, the stagnant water in a blocked gutter creates a breeding habitat for mosquitoes, which could soon turn your garden into a major mosquito problem.

Flies Galore

Although they can also lay their eggs in standing water, flies may find the conditions a blocked gutter provides even more favorable. As they require a fermenting liquid to deposit their eggs, flies reproduce swiftly in an environment with rotting food, produce, and other organic material. Debris-like leaves or twigs start to ferment when left in the standing water of a clogged gutter. By cleaning out your gutters, you may get rid of any standing water and prevent the fermentation of organic matter, which removes the conditions necessary for flies to hatch their eggs.

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